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Design Features


Our own factory manufactures our homes. We are the onlyu American-operated house factory in Bali.


Coconut wood is one of our choice woods because it is an exquisitely beautiful and strong tropical hardwood that is ecologically plantation grown. Coconut wood is a durable, knot-free wood with a high fibrous content that resists warping and cracking.


Rubber wood is a blond-colored and knot-free tropical hardwood that comes from the rubber plantations, the source of latex. In the interest on ecology, we avoid the use of trees cut from the rain forests.


Wood treatments include vacuum kiln drying, oven kiln drying, fine sanding and three layers of quality finishes.


Termite treatment and anti-rot treatment is by our own high-pressure wood treatment plant using non-toxic borate solution. This is the first treatment facility of its kind in Indonesia.


Roofs can be made of durable ironwood shingles, long-life high-fired ceramic tiles (natural or glazed) or traditional Balinese alang-alang thatched grass.


Insulation panels can be added to roof assemblies to keep you extra cool in the sun.


Cupolas (second mini-roofs) can be added to many designs for additional beauty, light and ventilation. Louvered windows can be installed in cupolas for cooler climates.


Ceilings are typically made out of durable hand-woven bamboo mats that have been termite treated.


Windows & doors are hand-made of wood and feature extra thick 1/5 inch glass. Tempered glass is used for doors and sliding glass doors. Screen windows and doors are also made of handcrafted wood.


Solid brass hardware is used for hinges, latches and handles whenever possible for rust-free operation.


Walls and floors are made of tongue and groove boards that are pre-laid and pre-finished. Floors can be standard 3/4 inch or 1 inch thick. Walls can include a layer of plywood for added sheer strength.


Hurricane straps are added to roof beams and pillar bases. The construction framing is post and beam (post and pillar) using 8 inch diameter coconut wood pillars, which makes it naturally hurricane resistant.


Cold weather climates can be accomodated with double windows and insulated walls, ceilings and floors.


Kitchen and bath cabinets of exquisite custom designs with designer granite counters are available.


Bathrooms and closets can also be done as room extensions projecting out from the main living space.


Architectural drawings using AutoCAD are created by our Balinese architect and engineer team.