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Exotic Pre-Built Custom Homes & Gazebos from Bali


A Beautiful, affordable & ecological alternative for Hawaii.


(Reprinted from Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Home Improvement Guide (06/04/2005)


MandalaHomes.net has a motto: “You get twice the house for the same price.” And what this company delivers are exotic, handcrafted, wooden houses, Ohana cottages and gazebos built out of ecological plantation-raised hardwoods. All structures are made in easy-to-assemble pre-built kits. This eco-company prefers coconut wood and rubber wood because these are exquisitely beautiful and strong tropical hardwoods that are grown in sustainable plantations. Mandala Homes discourages the use of forest woods, as this promotes the destruction of the rainforests. Come and check out their unique and interesting designs at the Home Improvement Show such as their multi-sided cottages and their Japanese teahouse.


Every Mandala Home is custom built. You can create your own dream home in most any design, shape and lay out. Balinese and American architects work together using computer- assisted designs (AutoCAD) to create your plans and blueprints. Your house is then handcrafted in Bali using exotic materials with craftsmanship unheard of in America. It is then delivered to your land as a kit that is easily re-assembled like a big numbered jigsaw puzzle. All of this is accomplished for prices similar to the standard American plywood, sheetrock and vinyl window house! The kits are truly complete including the foundation stones, floors, wooden windows, walls, right up to the roof with tiles or shingles with artful cabinetry and high end bathrooms.


The Balinese are world famous for their intricate woodcarving and graceful architecture. Mandala Homes.net has combined Balinese craftsmanship with Hawaiian construction standards and hurricane requirements. This way you get the best of both worlds. These structures have been completely pre-built in Bali, and then carefully disassembled into numbered panels. This method assures that all pieces fit together like a glove.


Mandala Homes has built Bali’s first and only high-pressure wood treatment plant. All woods are pressure treated using non-toxic American-made borate solution to make it termite proof and rot resistant. The wood is then vacuum kiln dried followed by a slow, 3-stage oven kiln treatment. This makes the wood dimensionally strong and stable.


The pillars of the post and beam construction are made of solid 8-inch diameter coconut trees. Structural beams and exterior walls are made of coconut wood. Interior floors and walls are typically made of plantation rubberwood and mango wood. These are blond-colored hard woods with the strength of American oak. Roofs can be made of long life high-fired ceramic tiles (glazed or unglazed), or of ironwood shingles, one of the hardest woods on earth. Cupolas (second mini roofs) can be added to many designs for additional beauty and ventilation.


There are more coconut palms in Asia than any other single species of trees. As for ecology, coconut wood is an agricultural product, not a forest timber. It is a durable, knot-free wood with a high fibrous content that resists cracking and warping. Construction grade timbers are milled from the outer ring that is hard and woody. Indonesian coconut trees are straight and strong, unlike our tall American hybrid varieties. Rubber wood comes from the rubber tree plantations, which are the source of latex. It is especially popular in European designer furniture.


Only the highest quality components are being used for Mandala Homes. Nails, screws and adhesives are imported from American. Hinges and latches are made of solid brass. Decorative windows and doors feature extra thick tempered glass with designer profiles. All woods are sealed with 3 layers of high quality, UV protection urethane.


Mandala Homes will have a booth at the Hilo Home Show this weekend.