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Price Notes: All prices listed here are estimated average prices for a pre-built kit. Exact price will be determined after all materials & design details are taken into account. Prices are for complete kit, including foundation bases, floors, walls, windows and roof. Prices are without shipping charges. We will do our best to consolidate orders into 40-foot containers to minimize shipping costs. Packing and stuffing costs are extra. Prices do not include unloading the container or assembling the kit.

All structures are custom built in Bali at the Mandala Homes factory to customer specs. Prices include AutoCAD computer drawn architectural plans & assistance passing code.

The following prices are subject to change without notice.

Homes and Ohana Cottages (structures with walls)

Size Cost with Floor Cost without Floor (on concrete slab)
over 1200 $195 per sq ft $160 per sq ft
500 - 1200 $205 $170
350 - 500 $215 $180
250 - 350 $225 $190
150 - 250 $235 $200
Under 150 sq ft $245 $210

Gazebos (Structures without walls)

Size Cost with Floor Cost without Floor (on concrete slab)
over 350 $140 per sq ft $110 per sq ft
150 - 350 $145 $115
75 - 150 $150 $120
Under 75 sq ft $160 $130
Hexagon, Octagon or Polygon shaped houses $15 per sq ft additional
Uncovered outdoor decks (no roof) $40 per sq ft of deck, standard
$50 per sq ft of deck, deluxe
Covered outdoor decks (with polycarb roof) $70 per sq ft of deck, standard
$80 per sq ft of deck, deluxe
Full hand rail system $45 per linear foot
Minimal hand rail system (top rail only) $22 per linear foot
Cupola (second venting mini-roof) $60 per sq ft of cupola area
Brass Gutter system $14 per linear foot gutter / downspout

Product Specifications


1. All wood is treated against termites, fungus and rot with non-toxic borate solution using our high-pressure treatment plant at our own factory in Bali. Our wood treating plant in Bali has been inspected and certified by a US inspection agency and as a Hi-Bor system, which makes our treated wood Hawaii Building Code certified.

2. Wood is kiln dried first in our vacuum kiln, and then again in an oven kiln.

3. Roof, floors and walls are completely prefabricated and finished in ready-made panels.

4. Post and beam pillars are typically 8-inch diameter round coconut wood trunk pillars.

5. Roof is either long life, high-fired ceramic tiles or prefab ironwood shingle assemblies.

6. Ceiling is choice of treated bamboo mat, rattan mat, drywall or tongue & groove wood.

7. Wall and floor wood is choice of tongue & groove coconut wood, rubber wood, mango wood and other plantation grown woods.

8. Sheer walls incorporate 1/2 inch plywood in the wall panels for hurricane strength.

9. Windows use extra thick 5mm (1/5 inch) glass and include screen windows.

10. Doors use tempered extra thick 5mm (1/5 inch) glass and include screen doors.

11. Window and door hardware is usually solid brass.

12. Standard decks are 3/4 inch coconut wood with standard top nailing system.

13. Deluxe decks are 7/8 inch coconut wood using anti-rot system with rounded beams, and boards attached using epoxy glue that is screwed from the underside of deck.

14. Round ornamental pillar bases of casted concrete with built-in stainless steel hurricane straps are included. Pillar bases are hand carved into lotus flowers.

15. Hurricane straps are incorporated into all of our designs.

16. Standard wood finishes are 3-layers of highest quality clear or stained UV-protecting urethane finish manufactured by a German company in Indonesia

17. Deluxe wood finishes are 3-layers of US imported Cetol manufactured by Sikkens.

18. Prices are for the complete house. Shipping is additional. Whenever possible we consolidate orders into 40-foot containers to minimize shipping

19. Plumbing and electrical are not included. We can create beautiful wooden electrical box housings and wooden conduit covers to hide US-made electrical components.

20. For the construction of the kits, we can recommend licensed, insured and bonded contractors who can assemble the kit for you at a per square foot flat fee. For the owner-builder who wants to save some money, we can recommend qualified carpenters experienced with Mandala Homes construction,who can be hired by the hour to assist you with construction.

21. The hardware for our structure are mostly import. Here are some typical examples: Screens, screws and Cetol wood finish are imported from America. Window and door sliders and locks are from England and Spain. Stoves, ovens and cabinet hardware are from Italy and Germany. Nails and stove hoods are from Japan. Roof foil from Australia. Shower kits & brass hardware from Hong Kong and Korea.