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Mandala Deluxe Wooden Octagon Yurt

200 sq ft of luxurious living space made in Bali
An exquisitely beautiful hand crafted wooden eco yurt with a two layer soft canvas roof

A solution for:
retreat centers, communities, families, individuals, landowners and renters alike

October Maui County Fair Special (until October 31st 2012):

Model visitable in Haiku on Maui upon request
A new dimension of a moveable dwelling that requires no permit in many places!

Our Deluxe Wooden Octagon Yurt in Haiku is made in our factory in Bali out of all sustainable plantation hardwoods, featuring mainly coconut hardwood! On any orders made by May 1st you can save over three thousand dollars as listed below!

* a cost effective way to own your own structure that can be moved again
* engineered especially for the tropics with double roof and wide eaves
* an inspiring, healing environment enhanced by sacred geometry
* a healthy living space of exquisite beauty
* sturdy, termite & mold resistant and long lasting
They are ideal
* if you own land and want to create an inspiring get away, guestroom, office, studio, yoga or massage space, meditation temple, group meeting space, additional bedroom or rental
* for creating an exquisitely beautiful private space for people living in community
* as guest rooms for retreat centers
* as a gathering space for small groups
* if you don’t own land and have a friend with land or a landlord who will let you put up a structure that can be disassembled and moved to another location at any time
* if you rather want to invest your money towards owning your own small house/s than to keep paying rent
* if you are looking for additional space that doesn’t need to be permitted (under 200 sq ft does not require a permit on Maui ag zoned land)
* if you want to pay yourself back for your Mandala Yurt in four years (at $650 monthly rental value)
* if you want to have an estimated minimum of $650 rental income per month or rental savings per month after four years.

Why we call it a Deluxe Yurt 
We call it Deluxe because it has real pre-laid hardwood floors and real wooden walls with doors, windows, closets, cabinets and even optional kitchenettes and bathrooms.
We call it Yurt because the roof is made of double layer Sunbrella canvas. The first lower layer goes over the top of the walls like standard yurts. Then there is a generous air space and a second upper canvas layer creates a 6 foot eave like an umbrella. This double layer system prevents mold problems in wet places and reduces heat problems in hot places. For cold climates, we can add fabric insulation to the roof, and add foam board insulation to walls and floors.
We call it Moveable because it can be built in a week, and disassembled in a day.

October Maui County Fair Special (until October 31st 2015):
Yurt model as shown in photos including deck for $45,000!

$27,000 for the Yurt main structure including wooden walls with carved accents, tempered & beveled glass doors & windows handcrafted out of eco hardwoods, with wooden screen doors & windows, and double mold resistant canvas roof system with intricate central Sri Yantra Mandala carving,

$18,000 for floor and deck system including:
real ¾ inch eco hardwood interior floor
laid in concentric pattern with central sun mandala with inlay plus
1/2 wrap around deluxe deck out of coconut wood with railing
foundation stones hand carved with inbuilt hurricane straps

Mandala Yurt Details

We have created standardized wall panels, 6 foot 8 inch wide, in different styles that can be assembled with our floor and roof kits as a 120sqft hexagon, 200sqft octagon, 500sqft 12-sided or 850sqft 16-sided kit. We currently have 12 wall designs with sliding glass doors, entry doors, sliding windows, picture windows, plus extension pop-outs with closets, bookshelves, bathrooms and kitchenettes. Custom designs are available by request. The wall panel exteriors are made of coconut hardwood tongue & groove siding and pre-finished with American made, marine grade clear Cetol finish. The wall panel interiors are lined with plantation teak plywood and finished with a pearl-colored semi-translucent finish and sealed with clear interior Cetol finish. These are high quality Mandala wall assemblies. We can add a layer of foam insulation in the walls for cold climates.

Fabric Roof:
Our three main reasons to choose a double layer roof system for the tropics:
1. Problem: Traditional yurts have no roof eave causing rain to run down walls and blow into open windows.
In tropical and rainy regions, roof eaves are a necessity. Our outer roof layer extends 6 feet out like an umbrella all around the deluxe yurt creating shade, rain protection and an extended outdoor living space. Roof eaves also keep walls cool in hot climates.

2. Problem: In the single layer roofs of traditional yurts, cold rain hitting the roof causes the warm moist air inside the yurt to condense on the ceiling, resulting in mold.
In our double layer system, cold rain hits the outer roof and will never produce condensation on the inner roof. The air space in between eliminates condensation issues, eliminating the mold issue.

3. Problem: Traditional yurts can overheat in the sun.
Our double layer roof keeps you cool. The sun hits the outer layer. The airspace buffers the heat from the inner layer. The inner layer stays cool.

We choose Sunbrella brand fabric for our roofs over vinyl because we want to eliminate the toxic elements of vinyl. When sun hits the vinyl roof and walls of most traditional yurts, toxic chemicals are released into the yurt, causing toxic reactions, allergies, health problems and a plastic smell. Sunbrella is fabric, not vinyl, and therefore does not outgas. Sunbrella is commonly used on the awnings of commercial buildings where shiny vinyl would not be desirable. It is well known for its strength, durability, water resistance and wide range of available colors.

Our inner roof layer gives the feeling of a traditional yurt: Roof beams radiating out from the center under a translucent white fabric roof create the romance of the yurt. This inner roof keeps out insects and creates the ceiling of the yurt.

Our outer roof layer gives rain, sun and heat protection. It extends six feet beyond the walls creating our unique yurt eaves. It is reinforced with stainless steel plates in all the corners and the center, plus it has a ring of steel cable around the perimeter. Adjustable steel braces in each corner hold the roof in balanced dynamic tension. At the peak there is an adjustable tensioner to maintain perfect roof tension. This is the same system used by large commercial fabric roof installations.

Customers can build their own floors, or they can order our ready made floor kit systems. We pre-lay and pre-finish our real hardwood floors in Bali in concentric patterns with a beautiful central sun inlay floor motif. There is a coconut hardwood frame covered with a plywood subfloor and then topped with a prefinished hardwood floor and plywood assembly. We typically use blond colored hardwoods that resemble American white oak. These include rubberwood from the latex plantations, mango wood from the mango plantations, and a new plantation grown hardwood called gamalina wood.

Customers can build their own deck and stairs, or order our ready-made deck, stairs and rails. A deck can be added to only the entrance, to multiple panels, or to all panels creating a wrap around deck. Our deck kit panels consist of a frame kit covered with a ready-made deck panel, all made of coconut hardwood. The deck comes pre-finished with 3 layers of American made Cetol Deck Finish. Our deluxe deck system is considered highly rot resistant. Each deck board is slightly rounded on the top to prevent water pooling, then prefinished on all 4 sides before assembly. Each deck board is attached to the batten below with epoxy and then screwed down from the underside. This “no top nail” system prevents rot around nail holes and rot from water trapped between the deck and beam, as well as enhancing the natural beauty of a coconut hardwood deck. Decks can be enhanced with optional curved hand rails and beautifully crafted stair assemblies.


Deluxe Wooden Octagon Yurts